How Does a Leg Decompression Machine Work?

leg decompression machine

The leg decompression machine is a therapeutic device used to treat back and leg pain. The patient lies on a table that separates vertebrae and creates a vacuum effect. This negative intradiscal pressure promotes spinal stretching and healing. A treatment typically lasts between 30 minutes and 45 minutes and is very relaxing. Unlike other forms of rehabilitation, patients don’t need to undergo an active rehab program before beginning the decompression therapy.

A decompression machine works by imposing a vacuum-like force on the spine to realign the joints and discs. This forces the tissues to stretch and realign, thereby reducing or eliminating pain, inflammation, and impairment. This method can provide significant pain relief within one to three sessions. It also promotes healing of damaged spinal disc tissues. Decompression imposes a vacuum-like force on the spinal discs, which draws healing substances to the damaged tissues.

A decompression treatment session lasts about 30 minutes. Patients can use the machine during their sleep. The patient lies on their side to decompress their spine. A pillow under the neck and a pillow between their knees can help their body maintain a normal alignment. Patients with herniated discs may respond to decompression therapy in as little as 20 sessions, while patients with degenerated discs may need ongoing treatment.

The decompression process promotes increased blood flow to the spinal discs. This promotes cell renewal, tissue repair, and long-term healing. Herniated discs put pressure on nearby nerves and cause local pain. They may also rupture, leading to further pain. As a result, the patient may experience burning in their legs. If the pressure on the discs is removed, the swelling and pain will subside.

Nonsurgical spinal decompression involves stretching the spine with a motorized traction machine. The traction promotes a natural healing response by increasing fluids in the disc, promoting the movement of the healing substances. DRX9000 decompression machine is used at the Texas Spine Clinic. A DRX9000 machine offers a range of treatments that can help patients with back, leg, and leg pain.