Should You See a Chiropractor With X-Ray?

chiropractor with x ray

If you have a back problem, you may want to see a chiropractor with x-ray. This diagnostic tool allows chiropractors to see new areas of bone growth and breakdown. Chiropractors also use this test to keep track of any infection or trauma that may have damaged the spine. The x-ray also identifies conditions such as scoliosis. Chiropractors prefer that you be in a weight-bearing position when they perform this test. The majority of medical facilities require that you lie down.

However, x-rays are not the only diagnostic tools that chiropractors use. Before a chiropractor can perform any treatment, he or she must first evaluate the condition of your spine. This includes conducting a comprehensive examination and taking detailed notes. A chiropractor who does not use an x-ray to diagnose your condition is not able to properly treat you. If you have a broken bone, the chiropractor must take an x-ray before any treatment.

X-rays are most commonly used to diagnose fractures and deformities. Chiropractors may also use these to rule out other, larger problems. This way, they can determine the right course of treatment for each patient. An x-ray can provide important clues for the chiropractor’s diagnosis. However, patients with a history of back pain or instability should be examined by a chiropractor before receiving treatment.

A chiropractic professional can diagnose many conditions without using x-rays, but it is important to remember that chiropractic care does not always require x-rays. While a chiropractor can diagnose your condition without x-rays, it is often best to avoid them unless they are too severe to diagnose it otherwise. If you are unsure whether you need an x-ray, ask your chiropractor about what the procedure involves.

Routine spinal X-rays have a long history in the chiropractic profession. As early as 1910, chiropractic practitioners began using these techniques to determine spinal alignment and to provide appropriate treatment. However, the use of spinal X-rays has been controversial for years. Some chiropractors continue to advocate routine X-ray use in chiropractic practice, while others discourage it. The aim of this review is to summarize current evidence and discuss whether the use of spinal X-rays in chiropractic practice is safe.